“Shorts to buy at UNIQLO”

I like shorts, so I have a lot.

The cheap ones were 100 yen cotton T -back that I bought at Daiso in the past, and about 15,000 yen for imports.

Recently, I have bought a non -branded shorts of about 400 yen for Rakuten and changed my mind.

Buy a gorgeous print handkerchief on sale,

Colorful lace shorts with petit plastic

Buying with coins is for me who doesn’t drink

It will be a good distribution.

I think I have about 100 sheets now,

About 10 % of them, 10 are actually

UNIQLO cotton just west shorts.

[590 yen] UNIQLO’s just west shorts that do not come out of the buttocks are comfortable ◎

Previously, it was a tanga, and the imported bottom of the import

I just bought a single bottom bottom,

To teach tanga

I also gave a gift to my friends,

At one time, a white race on a pink striped in UNIQLO

Seeing just west shorts

With a different color of the white race on the light blue stripe

I bought it.

Because my favorite Santal Thomas

Old collection, ashimetryk

Because it had a similar color.

It’s not exactly the same as a similar color

After all, with a lingerie of Stertal Thomas

Cotton stomach shorts don’t match

I bought it, but I didn’t open it for a while

I left it alone.

But a basic shorts on the day of the medical examination

Is it okay? When I put it on,

I entered the starter shorts for the comfort.

At that time, I did not introduce a loincloth short, so

I mainly wore it when I went to bed after bathing.

95% cotton fabric

I’m full until the navel hides.

Stretch lace for legs and waist.

It contains rubber, but there is no shimmering

Relax and comfortable wearing.

Washing display that was a sewn tag

Now it’s a print.

There is no delicate beauty,

Cotton shorts, a hobby of adult girls who are a little annoying.

If you put it in the net, wash it in a washing machine, and dry it

It lasts a long time.

Since then, when your favorite print will be released

I am purchasing.

It costs 590 더존카지노 yen per sheet, but it costs 990 yen for two.

About 2 pieces.

Online is a development from S to 3XL,

There are many cases where only M and L are in stores.

What I like is Liberty -style botanical print.

The rest was before it was acquired by UNIQLO

Princess Tom Tam -style and kid blue -style prints.

Overall, mix tom Tam and kid blue

It’s a bit mediocre.

* Baccarat collections from the Princess Tam Tam catalog

* Princess Tam Tam Collaboration Just West Shorts actually released by UNIQLO

Just west shorts

It is also put in the emergency take -out bag.

If you decide to be to a shelter

Is a conservative design better? I thought.

Instead of changing clothes without banzai

With the silk belly band.

Go again? Why do you like to travel so much? Is there so much money to travel? Do you have a trip? If you are traveling a little, you’ve heard this at least once. At first, I preached the good thing about the trip I felt. But no matter how shining my eyes, my heart will be an empty echo in the air if I don’t want to accept it on the other side. It doesn’t go because of a lot of money, nor does it go back to time. You don’t go well in foreign languages, and you don’t have a huge change in your life when you travel. It’s just a favorite of my trip. The end of the trip with the desire to take care of what is the reason for the picture or the reason for life was always vain. So the departure is light and lighter when you come back! That is the motto of my trip. The purpose of the trip is not necessarily huge.

I usually write before traveling. It must be as trivial and specific as possible. The starting point for my second Europe travel in my life began with the idea that I would like to shout ‘Alahmadrid (Real Madrid’s cheering)’ among the uncles of Hairy Madrid home. It is not a steamed duck who plays every game, but he wants to go to one of the world’s football holy places. That’s why I went to Portugal next door because I was sorry to go to Spain with Madrid and Spain. In addition, the pound plummeted due to the black sheet crisis, and the hometown of mind, London and Edinburgh, expanded.

It was amazing because it was a trip that I left without any preparation, expectation, and no information. One word “HOLA” conversation from a child who walked to the jangjang to a grandfather who covered half of his face. Even though it was not a deep conversation, I was kindly kind and could be grateful for it. The race is definitely different, but if you have a maternal grandmother in Spain, wouldn’t it have done this food? I was also treated for a lot of food. There was something that would not have experienced if I had been around for a famous tourist attraction. It was a much more chattering, warm and simple Iberian Peninsula than the French and British people. This is the relationship made by Ronaldo, who became a national betrayal.

Every October, Mungyeong comes to mind. Many people went to Mungyeong Saejae, where I was in full swing, because of Starbucks. The event was held in the name of the stamp tour that year. It was an event to give something special gifts at the end of the year by collecting stamps taken at the beautiful Starbucks branches in Korea. I participated in the trip with the suggestion of an acquaintance who was a stamp, and later I led the trip more actively. Thanks to the stamp tour, it has pilgrims large and small cities of the provinces that would never have been.

Mungyeong in October was in full swing. At the entrance of the Mungyeongsaejae, I decided to walk the stomach alive and solidly, and then I decided to walk with the party and Mungyeong Saejae to digest. After a group of tourists dressed in hiking clothes, which are more colorful than autumn leaves, a quiet road came out. Clear streams flowed, and chestnuts were placed everywhere. The colorful autumn leaves covered our heads and covered the hot autumn sunlight as if it were the last. The refreshing wind from the mountains cools the sweat. This is why people are traveling in the fall. At that moment, it is a cut that makes you remember Mungyeong for a long time.

Until then, I didn’t know where Mungyeong was attached and what it was broken, except for the two words of #apple #mungyeongsaejae. However, I fell in love with Mungyeong, which I went to because of Starbucks. It was a day trip, so I didn’t have much time for me. If Mungyeong knew it was my taste, he would have planned more than one night. I brushed my heart and stamped a cup of coffee at Starbucks, which was the reason for the trip. I looked out the window until the bus that carried me left Mungyeong. The ripe sunlight and the shouts of the leaves were noisy. It is a long time to see the hot ride to come back at any time.

It was a simple reason for going to Macau. Every winter, there is a tour of the Hot Winter Vacation with the youngest daughter. I want to go to Switzerland for my dad, and Czech Prague for the night view mania. However, I do not allow two physical strength to fly long distances as well as my bank account. I chose Macau while thinking about where there is an exotic landscape near Asia. Macau, who was dominated by Portugal, wanted to feel European from a close distance. I also wanted to taste the Portugal Egg Tart, which is similar to the celestial dessert, Egg Tart, which I ate at Portugal’s pasteis de bellem.

My parents were amazing like a child with a different atmosphere and scenery from Asia. At the tip of the nose, 휴대폰바카라 the smell of Chinese -style spices smells, but he walked through the antique alley and square to imagine a small city in Europe. Although not real, the Eiffel Top also took a certification shot, and I ate Portugura Egg Tart and regretted the trip to Europe. I’m sorry that I couldn’t go to real Europe, my parents said they were beautiful enough here. If we weren’t you, we would not be sorry that we wouldn’t have come here. Others thought of their parents who had never been to Europe, which seemed to go to the home. I was grateful for my parents who were impressed with my simple choice.

People say. Travel is an opportunity to see me objectively, and it is the driving force that made me grow. But that’s all the consequences and the individual’s experience. It is not necessary to say that delicious food will be perfect for my mouth. The destination that everyone else was good remains the worst memories for me. What is such a great and great reason for leaving? Travel is not a matter of mathematics that must be answered. Travel, the more you start, the better. You may leave to dip it by hand if the Mediterranean is really salty. You can also go to Vietnam’s Daegwallyeong, Dalat to eat Dalat pizza made with rice paper. There is no expectation and disappointment if the starting point is trivial. The purpose of the trip is to leave.