On September 13, did the “Hokuto no Fist Day” villain “Hidebu” mean? (Magmics)

“Fist of the North Star” that created the trigger of the golden age

Today, September 13 is the “Hokuto no Fist Day”, which has been registered as a registration by the Japan Anniversary Association. The origin was because the manga “Hokuto no Ken” was launched from “Weekly Shonen Jump” released 바카라 on September 13, 1983. [Image] Souther is cute … “Fist of the Hokuto” is interesting to spin -off and musicals (14 sheets) “Hokuto no Ken” is the original drawing by Dr. Tetsuo Hara, the original of Dr. Tetsuo Hara, and the work is shared. However, there was a situation in this formation. Originally, “Fist of the North Star” was published as a broken manga twice in the separate volume “Fresh Jump” before the weekly serialization. At the time of this publication, both won the first place in the reader questionnaire, and due to its popularity, the serialization was decided in this magazine, “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Before the start of the serialization in this magazine, Prof. Hara heard the opinion that it would take some time to draw, so it would not be possible to serialize the weekly alone. That’s how it was. By the way, Mr. Horie later became the fifth editor -in -chief of “Weekly Shonen Jump”. He is the editor -in -chief when he achieved the highest number of records of 6.53 million copies in 1995 No. 3 and 4. At the time of reading, the stage was on the stage, but Professor Takeron -sensei said, “It is better not to have modern weapons to give physical strength” and “Let’s set the era without weapons”. A devastated worldview after the nuclear war was born. As a result, this “violence action in the devastated world” is one of the charms of this work. The “Fist of the Hokuto” won the second place in the first serialization questionnaire in the first serialization, and since then it has become a “jumping” sign that keeps the first place for three years. At that time, “Weekly Shonen Sunday” was rising to “Jump”, the first place in Weekly Shonen Magazine on a love comedy route with “Urusei Yatsura” and “Touch”. In this 1983, Sunday has been a threat to the “Jump”, which had begun to break up to 2.28 million copies, the highest record in history. However, the popularity of the “Fist of the North Star” dodged the pursuit of “Sunday”, and at the end of 1984, when the popularity was at the top of 1984, “Jump” has exceeded 4 million copies. Due to this popularity, the “Jump” editorial department, which tended to approach the love comedy route, immediately steered in action and fighting. It is the beginning of the so -called “jump golden age”. In this way, the “Fist of the North Star”, which was the beginning of the “Jump Golden Calon”, has not only “jump”, but also a wide range of genres, from other animations, manga, live -action works and movies.

We will deliver information on how to proceed and capture information for the Nintendo Switch software “Live Alive”, which is on sale from Square Enix. [Article image (117 sheets)] The characteristics differ greatly for each of the games proceeding, and the way of playing changes, but the basic elements that are useful in progress and battle are explained. The scenario auto save is a new auto save from this work, but it is not recorded everywhere. Therefore, in places where fighting and events are likely to proceed with important enemies, it is easy to start over if you save and proceed. Frequent saves are important! Considering the manual save, you can fly to the save screen with one button from the menu screen. There are plenty of save slots, so it’s OK to pounding. The radar at the bottom right of the screen, aiming for the red mark of the radar, refers to the area movement point and important points. During the scenario, if you go to the red mark, the main scenario can be advanced, so let’s proceed while aiming for a red mark. In a scene without a display, it is necessary to take another action. Battle Edition Let’s push the weakness of the enemy! In the original version, there was little display of battles, such as status abnormalities and weaknesses. In this work, various statuses and effects are clear, and the weaknesses of the enemy can be seen on the screen display. If you hit a weak point, the damage will increase significantly, so basically aim at the enemy’s weakness attributes and use the skills and characters to attack. Know the action gauge and seal the enemy! When the enemy’s behavior gauge accumulates, it becomes an enemy action. Friends do not consume turns when moving or changing directions other than command selection, so they can basically fight more advantageously than enemies. If you make full use of the technique that can adjust the position of the enemy and the direction in which it is, you can attack without doing anything. Let’s proceed with the battle while paying attention to positioning. “Live Alive” is a scenario introduction & mini -capture and a variety of scenarios. In addition to introducing the characteristics of each edition, the main characters and friends, the characteristic system for each scenario is also explained. In addition, we will also teach mini -capture information that will help you capture each edition, so if you are the first play from this work, please refer to it. Primitive edition volume that lives in an era without words: ★★ ☆ Difficulty: ★★ In the era when there is no concept of words, all conversation scenes are gestures. It is a scenario with high RPG elements. There are some parts that are hard to understand because the conversation has no advanced dialogue in gestures, but the conversation content should be used in the atmosphere, surely. It is an element unique to the primitive edition that traces the “smell” of prey and traces of people by sharpening the excellent “smell” olfactory that can be searched in various ways. A boy who lives in a row (voice: Emi Ogata). She fights the different tribe to stick. Her performance is a balance type, and the basics are the hero who can do anything. The attack range is wide and it is easy to get involved in multiple enemies, and it can cause abnormalities such as poison and paralysis, so it is easy to use regardless of scene. Gori (voice: Hiroki Yasumoto) Pogo’s buddy cannot read the air. Due to the nature of his skills, the status of the “special attack” is important. He is surprisingly magical. Throw an enemy to the enemy and make the surroundings into a poison field. The poison field is more useful in various situations than itself. Beru (voice: Natsumi Takamori) A girl who has escaped where she is sacrificed in the customs of the tribe. She is weak and does not go basically to battle, but can use recovery techniques. A special attack that attacks with songs. It takes time to activate, but the attack range is wide and the power is very high, and it is very powerful. Gathering items while raising the level by hunting are simple RPGs, a simple RPG. It is possible to pass through the battle on the way, but the basics are advantageous to collect materials used for item synthesis while raising the level by hunting. 크레이지슬롯 In particular, it is good to join her friends and then train in earnest. Bel will train as soon as you become a friend, she becomes a friend from the middle of the story. She can only recover with weakness at first, but she will be very useful if she trains until she learns the powerful technique “Ruru”. In addition, Buru will leave for a certain reason, and during that time, the level cannot be raised. If she becomes a friend, she should raise the level of her immediate stuff, collect more materials, and produce the following recommended items. At least when re -enrollment of Moruru, it is impossible to raise the level. If you raise the level first, it will be advantageous in the second half of the battle. If you give the item to the belonging, there are various things …? In the middle of the story, there is a scene where it hides in the straw. At this time, there is no particular meaning, but the item column is displayed and you can give the item. Although there is no such merit in the development, you can see various reactions, so it is one of the pleasures to collect items and give various gifts during that time. Please try it. Prepare Hone meat! There are various reactions, but is Hone meat a rose of the primitive era? I envy Pogo. One of the features of the synthetic item primitive part that you want to make is a place where you can create more powerful items by synthesizing items. In addition to the battle, the material can be obtained by searching. Equipment items are particularly important, and you can easily enhance your strength, so be sure to make it. In particular, the following items are easy to increase their strength. Don’t forget to change the equipment for the special “wild dress” for the above reasons. Synthetic recommended item Item Name: Bus Busyari Recipe: Wooden stick or Hone + Stone Knife item name: Pesipesim chewy recipe: Wood rod + Kawazo Homo item name: Pocopocodorum Recipe: Wooden or Hone + Life dress: wild dress Recipes: Gegawa + Kawato Himo material can be found by searching for the shelves of the village that can be obtained in search and smelling the smell. There are some items that can be obtained at hidden events, so let’s search thoroughly. Synthetic shops are scattered not only in the first base, but also in fields. There are some people, so look for a wide field. Raders and smells are also hints. The volume of Kao, who trains his disciples and passes on his skills: ★★ ☆ Difficulty: ★★ In the first half, they train three disciples, and in the second half is the main part of the battle that captures the dungeon. Since the difficulty is very difficult, training in the first half is the key to capture. Practice your disciples! The lesson is a battle format. If you choose the disciples to practice, your status and level will rise. There are few RPG elements. He has some search elements, but it is not so complicated and one of the scenarios that can be played casually. Shinkoyama Futo (voice: Hiroya Ishimaru) A old teacher who mastered Shinzan Ken in the mountains. He realizes his old and descends to find his successor. He is high -performance, versatile, but low physical strength, and does not rise. You can attack multiple enemies around the dancing of the fox, high power, and seal your limbs. High performance with a counterattack performance to the tightening technique. In the lesson, you should first aim for this technique. Three disciples Yun Jou (voice: Hiroshi Shimono) A timid and hearty boy. But at the bottom of his heart has the courage and a sense of justice to confront people who are stronger than themselves. The old teacher finds the possibility in that figure. Yun has a low initial status and is not powerful in the early stages. However, if you train well, the performance of a large bowl that can master a variety of attribute techniques. It is hard to learn, but it is excellent in range and attack range, and it is possible to lower the enemy’s attack power. Another major strength is that you can safely attack without fighting against enemies. Ray Kugo (voice: Reina Ueda) One wolf steal. He attacks the old teacher, but he decides to join his disciples. Perhaps because he grew up as a wildfield, his temper and wording were rough, one point. Ray is good at quickness and can fight while speedy. However, his website and defense are inferior to the other two. Is it an attack specialized type? A tightening technique that can be used from the beginning. You can fight back against the opponent’s procedure, and the power is moderate. Rather than hanging out, let’s challenge a short distance battle for counterattack. Samo Ikka (voice: Yu Mizushima), although it is an extraordinary giant, she may show a vivid manner for meals. The old teacher recognizes his potential and joins his apprentice. It has excellent attack power, HP, and defense, but quickness is inferior to other two. A avant -garde type that approaches and fights while catching the opponent’s attack. A technique that involves surrounding enemies with a dance -like operation. Use this for opponents with strong counterattacks because they have the property of not eating the opponent’s counterattack. First of all, in the early game of his game, he will search for three traditional candidates. Basically, there is a disciple candidate where the red mark of the radar shows, but it is divided into east and west and south. If you do either east -west disciple events, you can complete the disciple event in order, and you will have less travel time. In addition, key items are required to go south. It is recommended to start from the west, of course, can be a disciple in the order you like, but the field of Kao is quite wide. The key item to complete the southern disciple event is in the west, so it is easy to proceed from west to south to east. Even if the event does not proceed with the options, he has some options, but depending on the choice, the scenario may not progress. Use various techniques in the lesson, so the rehearsals between the old teacher and the disciple are repeated many times, so you tend to use a powerful technique to defeat them quickly. However, the skills that the disciples learn are the unique techniques of the level up, and the old teacher can learn what the old teacher eats. Therefore, in battle (training), let’s fight while fighting out attacks that the disciples have not yet learned, and aiming for all skills. After teaching many techniques, in the second half of the story, the disciples who grew up will be stronger, so you can fight with only strong skills. In the second half, you should seriously challenge, and in the second half, you will be strong enough to realize how the disciples grow. If you feel that you have grown up enough, you can fight out strong skills and fight. In the middle of the recommended scenario to focus on one of the three and practice, the traditional person will be decided. The disciples who have been the most practice of the three will be the tradition, and the other two will not participate in the battle. For the first time, the person who plays the Kao edition tends to train three disciples evenly from his parents (?), But he decides the traditional person from the first training so that his experience and status are not wasted, and train only one as a training partner. It is better to continue. He is a tiger hunting and he doesn’t need much, but if he wants to raise the level, go to the west bamboo grove and hunt the tiger to gain experience. Especially Yun has a lower level than the other two, so it is safe to raise it. As for the timing, it is better after passing through. Let’s get items by searching, but there are some search items, although there are few RPG elements. In particular, recovery items are valuable, so let’s pick them up. In addition, people in the city often get items. Basically, it is good to have a conversation with everyone at any time. Western volumes in which the wilder gunmen welcome the lawyers and the western part of the western part: There are few battles, and except for the final battle, the search part is the main. It is one of the short parts of the scenario of this work, but there is also an element. Set up traps and reduce the number of enemies! Finding and installing items that can be used for traps are the basic way of proceeding in the western edition. Tips for time allocation management. The main battle with the last boss is the main! Hopefully you can fight only the boss, but on the contrary, you can challenge the multi -group without using traps. Gunman with a great skill in the western part of Sandown Kid (voice: Akio Otsuka). A prize gold head with a high prize money. He has high attack power and will not lose to Mad Dog. The basics are “double shots”, but if you have a multi -person battle, a “hollow point bullet” that has a blowing effect is effective. Mad Dog (voice: Toshio Furukawa) A prize money pursuing Sandown Kid. For some reason, we have a cooperative relationship. He is a good performance that is good at multi -person battles, and he is not good at fighting one -on -one. A range attack that shoots guns around the area, which is useful for multi -group battles. A technique that is useful for the purpose of restricting the enemy’s behavior because the orientation of the enemy changes. The number of bells, “Crazy Bunch,” attacks the progressive town over time, attacks at dawn when eight bells rang. The bell is basically a real -time progress that sounds once every minute. Note that the sound of the bell sounds even if you stand standing. Utilize the time progress as the menu screen is opened. When thinking, open the menu screen when thinking about what to do on the menu screen and where to find out. In addition, the time does not progress during the conversation, so do not rush the lines! Let’s secure the installation time of the trap. If you are too absorbed in searching, you will lose time to install the important traps, and the trap you collected will be ruined. The search should be rounded up to the 5th to 6th bells, and then hit the trap installation time. It is important to act with plenty of time. If you have time, it may be difficult to talk with the master in the first play, but if you are searching and trap installation, you can talk to the master to proceed until dawn by talking to the master. The time required for the trap to change the time required is different depending on the requested person, depending on the requested person. Therefore, it is not recommended to give everyone a trap to everyone just because you have finished collecting. If you give it unnecessarily, the worst installation may not be in time. Think carefully about who should have a trap. Stop the unnecessary request. Delos may be installed immediately, but there is a possibility that the trap will be wasted without saboing. This bastard … Know the location you checked with the radar! There are many buildings to check in the western edition, so you tend to be unknown where you checked. Buildings that have been entered even once have a blue icon on the radar, so it is recommended to use them as indicators. Once you enter the building, you can use it as a searched memo once you check every corner. All buildings that can be examined by the blue mark are displayed on the radar, so try to search smoothly while looking at the radar. Note that the icon is not displayed on the door that can be opened and closed. Some of the recommended traps that you want to set up can be effective by installing a specific person. Also, some are effective only when certain traps are installed. Some traps can defeat multiple people, and if they all go well, you can eliminate up to 14 people other than bosses before battle. In addition, there are items that have the effect of extending the time until the sound of the bell sounds. The effect is high and the trap you want to set priority is excerpted on the list below. First, look for these and have them set up. Recommended trap trap name that you want to set priority: Frenching location and Overview: It is located in the building on the right from the lower center. In fact, it becomes an accessory. Only Annie can handle this trap, so be sure to give it to Annie. Trap name: Dynamite location and Overview: Located in the Sherif House on the right side of the top. There are other pistols. It can be used as a battle item, but it is better to trap many enemies in advance, so it is a trap. Trap name: Rope location and Overview: It is located in the building on the left just from the lower center. Although it is inferior to dynamite, I want to set up as much as possible because many enemies can be eliminated in advance. Trap name: Pachinko location and Overview: Available by talking to Billy at the base bar. This trap can only be set up in Billy, so be sure to give it to Billy. Trap Name: Call Tall and Overview: You can get it in the hut on the left side of the top. Call Thal itself has no function to eliminate enemies, but it can be afforded to extend the time until the last bell sounds. Trap name: Flame bin location and Overview: When you get oil + empty bottle, Mad Dog asks you, “Do you want to produce?” As a trap, let’s set up only one. The rest is a battle item. The request should be requested by the sheriff’s fastest, and Annie is fast. If you have enough time, you will be able to trap with time to play with the master and genma while making them the main. While asking Annie, put it in the room!? Annie’s room on the second floor of the bar cannot be entered with Annie. However, while asking Annie to set up a trap, you can enter if you are going out, and you can get a equipment item called “Annie’s Diary”. It’s a hidden element, so let’s get a margin and get it. The Bakumatsu edition of the Bakumatsu edition of his own secret life: ★★★ Difficulty: ★ ★ Various events are scattered in the huge castle. The difficulty, such as the degree of freedom and battle, is high in this work. The degree of freedom is full of events! There are many events inside the castle. Whether you do it is your player freedom. A special action that hides a “hidden technique” that hides from the enemy. The enemy loses sight of the rag, just before the enemy touches the enemy. Odoro Maru (voice: Tomohisa Hashizume), but there is a prospect, the streets of the flame ninja army. He is silent, but depending on the play, there may be unique behavior. He is good at a variety of ninja. Ninja that flies a multilagator poison butterfly to the opponent. Excellent technique with excellent attack range, range, and power. In addition, if you hit, you can also give poison or sleep abnormalities. Find a hidden route, unlike his other scenarios, there are various routes, such as climbing the roof with hidden doors and jumping. You can throw a rope by throwing a shortcut or pioneering a passage. Explore while checking every corner. The ghost “Hitomama” that appears in several places by defeating a person and raising the level is easy to battle repeatedly and is weak, so it is perfect for raising the level. Moreover, because it is a ghost, it is not counted by the number of slashes, and it is useful for achieving 0 slashes. Let’s make Karakuri Maru a friend, defeat all the surrounding enemies, and then defeat Karakuri Gennai, you will get “Senmai”. Go north from the defeated room and put three oval into the hole in the room, and you can make Karakuri Maru in the south side of the room. [For advanced users] Slash and clear everything! 100 people slashing 100 people slashing is a play that defeats all human enemies inside the castle. Basically, all visible enemies should be defeated, but there are some enemies that have conditions to fight. In addition to enemies that will not appear when you go to the attic, there are enemies that appear by looking at the peephole from the attic, and enemies in a hidden room, so searching is important. In addition, one of the friends, the man of the tie, has a battle that occurs by making a friend, so be sure to make it a friend. The password is wrong. If you make a mistake, it will be a battle, and if you win, the road will open. If you aim to achieve 100 slashes, be sure to make a mistake. If you answer correctly, you can start over. It is later to cut a woman’s enemy! If you go to the innermost boss without slashing a woman, a female ninja enemy will appear. Until then, don’t cut women. Ghost cats are youkai, so you can cut them. [For advanced users] Unnecessary killing is forbidden …! Contrary to 100 slashes, the play that reaches the boss without slashing. If you encounter with the enemy, the basics are OK if you run away. Even if you make a mistake, you can easily challenge because you can escape from the original version. However, some enemies cannot escape, so try to make a small save. If you do not display “〇jin slashing” after battle, such as a monster system, you can defeat it. As mentioned above, let’s raise the level up to a person. Karakuri Maru is required. If you run away, you will always escape from the OK normal battle, so you don’t have to worry about the enemy. Event battles cannot escape. Save in a place where something is likely to happen. Karakuri Maru is always a friend, and his Karakuri Maru is in the second half of the scene where he plays an active part to avoid forced combat. Don’t break it because it’s an indispensable companion to achieve 0 slashes. Hidden room in a hidden passage! After getting down to the basement, you can reach the waterway, or to the roof to the tree, and head under the lantern, you can reach the hidden passage. In this passage, there are two places where the sound is heard when you pass through, and when you stop at the sound of the sound, go north or south, a further hidden room appears. On the north side, a super powerful enemy, Ryunosuke the Genie, appears. On the south side, a jar that teaches the skills appears by paying an oval. In the north, a super -strong boss appears, Ryunosuke the Genie Ryunosuke is so difficult to fight properly. It would be nice to fight with his friends. In the south, you can learn the skills you can learn by the level up that the pot teaches the skills without raising the level. The “shadow one character” that can be learned with six small pieces is powerful. Ants are also ant routes! In fact, when you turn back from the starting point, you will enter the “Nobuan” route that will abandon your secret life and run away. After escaping, the fierce battle, where the ninja ninja of the ninja hunting attacks one after another. Finally, Hayate, the head of the flame ninja army, appeared. Even if you defeat it, it will not be a clear end of the Tokugawa edition, but it is ant to try it. Plenty of other events! The end of the Tokugawa period with plenty of events. When it comes to doing so, there is a full -scale experience waiting. However, there are events that are over the game in one shot, so small saves are important. Enjoying all events is the greatest pleasure in the end of the Tokugawa period. Contemporary volume that fights for the strongest modern volume: ★ ☆☆ Difficulty: ★★ ☆ Modern edition is a battle -specialized scenario where the hero fights for the strongest. In addition to the basics of battle, it is full of elements that are irresistible for martial arts lovers. There are also elements that remember all skills. Fighting Game -style battle specialized scenario The main menu in a fighting game -like style that chooses the opponent’s icon. There is also a special production at the time of defeat. If you eat some skills of a learning enemy who learns the opponent’s skills, you will be able to learn on the spot and use the technique. Useful for the capture of competitors. A genius fighter who aims for the strongest (voice: Tomoichi Seki). He uses martial arts like karate. He is more good at attacking physical attack attributes rather than attacking special attack attributes because of bare -handed attacks. A technique that restores his own physical strength and enhances a variety of enhancements. This is the big key of the modern edition, and you should learn with the enemy’s skills while using the spirit. The recommended battle order basics are OK to fight in the order of players. If you get lost, it is recommended that you fight in the following order and learn the skills. Teach each opponent and learn how to learn. Recommended match order 1: Toura Han (voice: Yoshitada Otsuka) Armlock Cross Heal Hold Command Sambo is a user, Han. In addition to the tightening technique, a little blow comes out. The “arm lock” that comes out as a counterattack to the procedure and the counterattack “cross heel hold” to the foot technique are troublesome, and the counter skills are sealed at the counter for a certain period of time. However, the power is not that far, so for the purpose of learning, let’s first decide on the initial technique technique, “Rizen Shojin,” and the foot technique of “rotating rotation”. Han counterattacks and can learn two techniques. After learning, if you accumulate your spirit anyway and withstand Han’s blow, the two techniques you learned will be activated, so you’ve just won. Recommended match order 2: Moribe 生 (voice: Shinsuke Akimoto) Moribe, a kicking bone method. His physical strength is low, but he comes out of technical attacks, such as the skills to lower their abilities. First, hang around at a medium distance and wait for a “bathing kick”. Once you have a kicking kick, you will be able to learn two techniques if you approach and wait for “passing” while approaching and recovering your physical strength.ただし通打を使ってこない場合、ハン戦で覚えた反撃技が出てしまい、体力の低い森部を倒してしまう可能性があるのでご注意(その際は、再戦してチャレンジを)。森部自体は強くないので、ふたつの技を覚えたら、あとは好きな技を決めてすぐに倒してしまおう。オススメ対戦順3:マックス・モーガン(声:安元洋貴) 〈ラーニング可能技〉 ジャーマンスープレックス マックス・ボンバー モーガンはプロレスラーらしく体力が高く、かなりタフ。代わりに、素早さは低く、攻撃リーチは密着時のみ届く。背面に回るように動くと“マックス・ボンバー”を使ってくるので、まずはそれを覚えよう。正面にいると打撃技か、“ジャーマンスープレックス”を放ってくる。威力が非常に高いので体力を全回復してから正面へ回り受け止めるといい。最悪一撃で倒されるパワーが恐怖!ジャーマンスープレックスは、麻痺が発動する場合があり、1発食らうとそのまま倒されてしまう場合も。攻撃面は、離れながら浴びせ蹴りをするのが安全だ。オススメ対戦順4:ナム・キャット(声:下野紘) 〈ラーニング可能技〉 パンチャマキック スパイラルニー ムエタイの天才・ナムキャット。攻撃力が高いが、体力は低め。また、締め技が弱点で、ジャーマンスープレックスを決めるとほぼ瀕死に追い込める。倒し切ってしまう前に、技を覚えよう。まずは密着して“パンチャマキック”。つぎは離れて中距離で“スパイラルニー”を待とう。覚えたら、ジャーマンスープレックスで倒してしまえばオーケー。自動反撃で倒し切らないよう注意 森部と同じく体力が低いぶん、密着時にハンから覚えた技で倒してしまう場合がある。パンチャマキックさえ覚えてしまえば、あとは基本的に楽に勝てるはず。オススメ対戦順5:グレート・エイジャ(声:坂口候一) 〈ラーニング可能技〉 フランケン・シュタイナー トルネードプレス ルチャ・リブレのヒールレスラーであるエイジャ。毒の状態異常攻撃を持っているので、毒になったら気合い溜めを。まずは中距離で“トルネードプレス”を待ち構えよう。つぎに前方に密着すると、“フランケン・シュタイナー”をくり出してくる場合があるので、根気よく気合い溜めで乗り切ろう。あとはスパイラルニーをくり返せばすぐに倒せる。トルネードプレスの特殊な攻撃範囲 トルネードプレスは前方中距離に攻撃範囲を持っている。敵から右か下方向の中距離にいればくり出してくる。スパイラルニーの届く位置でもある。オススメ対戦順6:ジャッキー・イヤウケア(声:杉田智和) 〈ラーニング可能技〉 鬼不動返し アロハリテ 大激怒岩盤割り 高い攻撃力と体力を持つ、スモウの使い手・ジャッキー。動きは遅いので、距離をとりながらスパイラルニーをしているだけで倒せるはず。技を覚える場合は、まずは前方で密着しながら気合い溜めをしていればオーケー。 “大激怒岩盤割り”は隠し技で、ハンの2種類の締め技で手足を封印すると使用してくる。超高威力なので、HP満タンで受けよう。手足を縛り技を使わせろ!行動ゲージを調整して、ジャッキーの攻撃を発動させずにハンの技を決めると、“大激怒岩盤割り”のラーニングを狙いやすい。気合い溜めによる回復を忘れずに。ラーニング後のオススメ技:森部のふたつの技 ラーニングを考えなければ、基本的には森部の技が非常に強力。 “通打”は攻撃力そのものは低いが、大量にステータスを低下させられる強力な技で、敵を弱体化しやすい。浴びせ蹴りは中距離から敵の向きを変えられるのが非常に強力。敵のほとんどは浴びせ蹴りの連発でほぼ行動させずに倒せる。街を救う熱血ストーリー 近未来編 ボリューム:★★★ 難易度:★★☆ 近未来編は、暗躍する悪の野望を砕くため、超能力やロボットを駆使して戦うという熱血ストーリー。ヒーローものの要素がたっぷりと含まれており、ファンからの人気も高いシナリオ。 RPG要素も比較的多め。超能力を駆使して探索しよう!主人公のアキラは、超能力によりテレポートや、人の心を読むことができる。人の心を読みながらストーリーを進めていく。終盤はロボットモノ!ブリキ大王を操作せよ!シナリオの後半は、巨大ロボット・ブリキ大王を駆る!テーマ曲は影山ヒロノブ氏が熱唱!近未来編の仲間 アキラ(声:赤羽根健治) 父を亡くし、孤児院で暮らす少年。町の事件に巻き込まれていく。攻撃は攻撃範囲に優れた超能力の技が得意な、魔法使いタイプ。オススメ技:マザーイメージ 威力は低いが攻撃範囲に優れており、通常の敵との戦闘に役立つ。命中と回避を下げられるほか、敵を魅了状態にできる場合がある。無法松(声:石川英郎) たい焼き屋を営む、昭和な男。アキラの兄貴分のような存在。近距離戦特化型で、物理攻撃を得意とする、頼りになるアタッカー。オススメ技:怒りの鉄拳 リーチは短いが攻撃範囲自体は広く、複数の攻撃を巻き込めるパンチ。威力も高いので、耐性のない相手ならば基本的にはこの技で戦おう。タロイモ(声:ノブオ(ペンギンズ)) 孤児院のカオリが飼っていた亀のタロキチが、とある事情で蘇った姿。シンプルな打撃技と反撃技で、パーティーの盾役になれる。オススメ技:脳天ショート 反撃専用技だが、中距離からでも反撃できるのが強み。タロイモの通常性能はそこまでタフではないので、育成と装備で鍛え前衛として運用を。レベルアップのあれこれ 近未来編は戦闘を避けるのが難しいので、適度に戦ってレベル上げをしながらシナリオを進めていくのがオススメ。アキラのレベルが上がると出現する敵も段階を経て強くなっていき、後半は能力が戦闘に影響しなくなるため、ほどほどなレベルに留めておいてもいいだろう。タロイモは強化パーツで育成 タロイモにレベルはないが、強化パーツを使用することで能力が上がる。複数の敵も各個撃破すればパーツを集めやすくなる。なるべくBREAKDOWNせずに倒してパーツを集めていこう。レーダーに頼らず探索してみよう レーダーの赤い印をたどっていけばストーリーは進められるが、物語の背景を感じられる会話や隠れたイベントも多いので、ある程度はレーダーに頼らずに探索するのもオススメ。とくに孤児院でのイベントはアイテムがたくさんもらえるので、こなしていくと戦闘を楽に進められる。妙子アイテムを手に入れよう ワタナベに「トイレに来てほしい」と言われたら、ぜひ行ってみよう。トイレに座るたびにいくつかのアイテムが手に入る。アイテム改造でさらに強化すべし。アイテム改造は根気よく!藤兵衛にアイテムを渡すと、上位アイテムに改造してくれる。しかし藤兵衛は必ず改造に成功するわけではないので、何度も渡して改造しよう。 “獣神シャツ”や“魔法のペンダント”など、非常に強力な装備が揃えられる。もとになるアイテムは、おもに孤児院で手に入る。スキップボタンで効率よく改造!藤兵衛のセリフや演出は長いので、一度見たら改造するたびにZRボタンでスキップしてしまおう。素早くアイテム改造を頼めるようになるので、ぜひ活用してほしい。ピンクの象はここにある 物語の中で、ブリキ大王を初めて起動してみるシーンがある。このとき起動プロセスのひとつとして“ピンクの象を調べる”というものがあるが、オジリナル版を知っていれば把握しやすいが、知らないとどこにあるのかややわかりにくい。骨董店の右上、トイレの横を調べよう。右上の隅を下から調べよう ピンクの象自体も視認しにくく、下側からでないと調べられないので、写真の位置を調べてみよう。残りの起動プロセスはわかりやすいので、サクサク探してレッツ起動。対ジェネラル戦はアキラが重要 物語の中盤、敵の施設に殴り込みに行くことに。その中で登場する敵のひとり・ジェネラルは、物理攻撃に対する耐性を持っているため、無法松とタロイモの攻撃が効きづらい。ジェネラルは炎属性が弱点なので、アキラの技“フレイムイメージ”がないとかなり倒しにくい難敵だ。強力な技を覚えてから戦おう フレイムイメージはレベル9で覚えられるので、レベル上げが必要になる。無法松がいるときにコツコツとレベル上げをしておくといい。液体人間W1号の倒しかた 物語が佳境を迎えるところで、ボス・液体人間W1号が出現する。正面から戦うとかなり厄介な敵だが、じつは背中から攻撃すると一撃で倒せるという弱点を持つ。最初に動けるであろうアキラで背中に回り込み、すぐに“ローキック”などで背後を突いて倒してしまおう。マジメに戦うとかなり強い!正面から挑戦すると、ボスはHPが900以上あり、攻撃も強くかなり強敵。正面から倒したければ“昭和ヒヨコッコ砲”など攻撃アイテムを用意しておけば、比較的倒しやすい。たいやきバイトで稼げ!公園に無法松がいるとき話し掛けると、バイトが可能。客ごとに適切な値段を言うと、回復アイテムがもらえる。一部は能力強化効果がある強力なものもあるので、くり返してアイテムを稼ごう。孤児院の子どもにおみやげとして渡すと、アイテムがゲットできる。たいやき売値対応表 アイテム名:たい焼き 売る人:子ども or 老人 値段:100円 アイテム名:バナナクレープ 売る人:子ども or 女性 値段:300円 アイテム名:ド根性焼き 売る人:男性 or 女性 値段:1000円 アイテム名:ミサワ焼き 売る人:男性 or 老人 値段:10000円 おみやげ対応表 子ども:アッキー アイテム名:たい焼き 子ども:ワタナベ アイテム名:バナナクレープ 子ども:ユキ アイテム名:ミサワ焼き 子ども:カズ アイテム名:ド根性焼き 閉鎖空間で起こる恐怖体験 SF編 ボリューム:★☆☆ 難易度:★☆☆ SF編では、閉鎖された宇宙空間の中で、ドロドロとした人間模様と、脱走した怪物・ベヒーモスが織りなすパニック&サイコホラーが展開。バトルはほぼなく、探索と会話で進めるアドベンチャーのようなシナリオだ。バトルの少ないアドベンチャー的シナリオ 最後にバトルがあるが、成長要素はない。シナリオを進めていくと、ラストバトルへと到達。恐怖の存在ベヒーモス ベヒーモスにぶつかるとゲームオーバーになってしまう。後半は避けながら進むことに。超怖い。人物相関図 マップの階層は行き先で覚えよう 基本はレーダーの赤い印を目指せばいいが、その目標が船の階層(レベル)を移動するためのエレベーターであることが多く、その後の目的地がどこなのかわかりにくい。主要な目的地は絞られているため、下記スポットと階層を覚えてスムーズに移動すれば効率よく物語を進められる。行くことが多いおもなスポット レベル1………エアロック、倉庫 レベル2………リフレッシュルーム、医務室 レベル3………コックピット 全体マップも活用しよう もし場所がわからない場合は、全体マップを見て確認しよう。なお、エレベーターには何度も乗る。スキップ機能を使えば素早く階層を切り換えられるのでオススメだ。ベヒーモス出現前に探索しよう SF編は、レーダーに従わずに探索すると、より世界や裏設定を知れる場所があるので、気が向いたら探検してみるのもオススメ。ベヒーモスが出現すると気軽に探索できなくなるので、出現する前に済ませてしまおう。なお、ベヒーモスの出現後に見ることができる要素もある。何かしらのパスワードを入手した際には、ぜひ探索してみてほしい。 【上級者向け】“キャプテンスクウェア”をクリアーしてみよう!リフレッシュルームにあるミニゲーム“キャプテンスクウェア”は、ステージを攻略していくバトルコンテンツ。クリアーしてもゲームを進める上での特典はないが、やり込み要素のひとつとなっている。一部ステージの攻略情報をピックアップしてお届け。キャプテンスクウェア(声:杉田智和) メモリーカードがあると少し楽 カークの部屋で見つけられるメモリーカードがあるとステージ進行をセーブできる。なくてもクリアーできるが、不安な人は手に入れてから挑戦を。ステージ3 EARTH ファイア1体とウォーター数体と戦う。ファイアはかなりの強敵で、まともに戦うと勝ち目がない。しかし、ウォーターの攻撃で水のダメージフィールドを作りだし、ファイアをそこに誘導すれば、一撃で倒せるのだ。敵の攻撃を活用せよ。ステージ5 SATURN 石化攻撃を使ってくるジェムラパラペット3体が出現。反撃の攻撃範囲に入ると石化して負けてしまうこともあるので、攻撃する位置が重要。まずはいちばん左上のマスに立って攻撃し、1体倒したら、ほかの敵は背後を狙おう。ステージ8 NEPTUNE リーダーのラ・ルを倒すだけ。最初の位置の下にいるラ・ラ2体を倒したら、左上にいる、顔の違う星を狙おう。間違い探しのようなステージ。ステージ9 PLUTO 最後のステージ。近づくと自爆する各種ポルカドットが多数出現する。 “ヘディング”を食らうのはあまり怖くないので、近づかないように範囲攻撃でチクチク攻撃するといい。もし近づかれたら吹き飛ばすか、離れて自爆を回避するように。それ以外は、回復しながら攻撃すればクリアーできる。魔王を倒すために勇者が往く 中世編 ボリューム:? ? ?難易度:? ? ? 7つのシナリオをクリアーすると出現するのが、王道ファンタジーな中世編。ゲームシステム自体もシンプルな王道RPGといったところで、レベルを上げて装備を集めながら、打倒魔王を目指して冒険をくり広げる。オーソドックスなRPG 複雑な要素はないので、比較的遊びやすいシナリオ。これまで得た戦術を活かして戦っていこう。 4人パーティーで戦う!ほかの7つの編は最大3人パーティーだったが、中世編は4人パーティー。 4人の個性を活用しよう。オルステッド(声:中村悠一) 腕利きの剣士。ルクレチア城の闘技大会で優勝し、姫への求婚権利を得る。誘拐されたアリシア姫を救うため、新たな勇者として魔王山を目指す。攻撃特化型で、勇者らしい万能な性能で優秀な技を多数覚えていく。 〈オススメ技:インケイジ〉 自身を中心に、広い範囲攻撃をくり出す風属性の剣技。威力、範囲に優れており、多数の敵を一度に倒しやすい。序盤から最後まで使える優秀な技。ハッシュ(声:菅生隆之) 過去に魔王を封印し、伝説となった勇者。なぜか人間を嫌い、以来身を隠して生活していた。ともに戦ったウラヌスに諭され、復活した魔王を倒すために立ち上がる。前勇者なだけに高性能な、パーティーの盾役。 〈オススメ技:デストレイル〉 かつて魔王を倒した、絶大な威力を誇る必殺技。ほとんどの敵は一撃で倒せてしまう、ハッシュの実力がわかる技だ。ちなみにオルステッドも習得可能。ストレイボウ(声:程嶋しづマ) オルステッドの親友であり、ライバルでもある魔導士。ひとりで旅立とうとするオルステッドと共闘するため、旅路をともにする。魔導士らしく、多彩な属性の攻撃魔法が得意だが、接近戦や物理攻撃は苦手。 〈オススメ技:レッドコート〉 自身を中心に放つ、炎属性の範囲攻撃。ほかにも水属性の“シルバーフリーズ”など、属性を使い分けながら範囲攻撃を仕掛けていくのがオススメだ。ウラヌス(声:麦人) かつて勇者ハッシュとともに、魔王を打ち倒した僧侶。復活した魔王を倒すため、そしてハッシュを奮い立たせるために同行する。 RPGの僧侶らしく、回復系の技を得意としている、パーティーのヒーラー。 〈オススメ技:ゴッドボイス〉 マス全体にダメージを与える攻撃。まれに恐怖状態や麻痺状態にもできる。威力は低めだが全体攻撃が強力なので、複数の敵が現れたとき重宝する。装備を集めながら冒険しよう ほかのシナリオに比べると、アイテムや装備が豊富に落ちているのも中世編の特徴。マップはそこまで広いわけではないので、隅々まで調べて装備を集めたい。もちろん、アイテムを取得したら装備するのも忘れずに。なお、オリジナル版ではあえて宝箱を開けないでおくと、のちにより強力なアイテムに変化する要素があったが、本作ではなくなったので安心して取っておこう。そして物語は集結する── 8つのシナリオをクリアーした後も物語は続いていく。どうやら、各編の主人公たちがパーティーを組んで冒険しているようだが……?この先、どうなる!? 週刊ファミ通2022年8月4日号(No.1755)では、42ページの特集を掲載 2022年7月21日(木)発売の週刊ファミ通2022年8月4日号(No.1755)では、本作の発売記念特集を掲載。オリジナルデザイン表紙やスクウェア・エニックスの時田貴司プロデューサー、ヒストリアの佐々木瞬ディレクター、全楽曲の監修を行ったコンポーザーの下村陽子氏による鼎談など、42ページにわたって本作の魅力を紹介している。 ■週刊ファミ通のご購入はこちら ■電子版のご購入はこちら