Omicron BA.5 trendy Macau, positive people from the general city again become zero … The second time after outbreak (Macau Shimbun)

Macau, a population of about 680,000, maintained zero infections in the city of the new colona for about eight months, but since midnight on June 18, positive people have continued for about one month. 。 (Hereafter, “6.18 outbreak”) 6.18 Outbreak, which has a very strong infectivity, has a very strong Omicron mutant group “BA.5.1” flowing into the city (unknown infection source), expanding its propagation. It is a major threat to Macau, which is considered to be done, with a population density of more than 20,000 per square kilometers per square kilometer. The government has taken strict epidemic measures such as PCR tests for all citizens and “social relative station”, aiming to achieve zero collarona goals. The Macau Government New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Countermeasures Center announced the latest information on 6.18 outbreak on July 24. The number of people who had a positive positive positive (limited to city -infected cases) after a PCR test in the last 24 hours until 0:00 am on July 24 is the same number as the previous day. All are discovered from the isolation target (in the local rock -down target zone and isolation quarantine hotels), and is zero from the general city. It is the first time in two days that positive people from the general city have become zero, and this is the second time after 6.18 outbreak. There are 1810 cumulative positive people since June 18. The number of people who were subject to epidemiological surveys (isolated) by 8:00 am on the 24th was 22,899. The breakdown is 1810 positive, 3543 rich contacts, 12,380 non -core contacters (with positive), 1360 secondary, and 253 general contacts. There are 786 attendants. Since June 19, it is highly frequently conducted by obligatory PCR tests for all citizens, quick antigen tests, and additional PCR tests that focus on some of the priority areas and priority people. 。 From July 10 to 23, a high -frequency PCR test was conducted (take every 2nd, 7th to 13th since June 19), and during the period, a self -implementation of a quick antigen test was also required. 。 After the 4th week, the number of positive reaction detection of mixed samples (one for 10 people) decreased each time, and specifically, 94 in the fourth and 41 in the fifth. , The 6th is 23, the 7th is 17, the 8th is 13, the 9th is 9, the 10th is 5, the 11th is 2, and the 12th is one. The 13th is two. The most recent 13th Citizen PCR test detected a positive reaction from two mixed samples, and has been discovered by one positive person through individual inspections (positive from the general city for 22 days. Counted as a person). Another one was detected on the afternoon of the 23rd, and it is said that individual inspections are being conducted. In addition to the high -frequency PCR test and quick antigen test, the “social relative station”, which can be said to be a special epidemic measure from July 11 to 23, was implemented. The operation of companies and business locations other than the use of social management and maintaining citizens’ lives (infrastructure, fuel, food, pharmacy, etc.) has been stopped. Staying home is basically limited to the purchase of living supplies and emergency requirements if you are required to take the entire citizen PCR inspection or work, and adults are required to wear a mask above the KN95 standard. A series of extremely strict epidemic measures have been used, and the number of positive reaction detections from positive people from the general city and mixed samples of all citizen PCR tests will be significantly reduced. From the 23rd to the 29th, it has shifted to the “consolidation period”, which is the final stage to ensure zerocorona state in the general city. Despite the recommendation of staying home and masking masks above the KN95 standard when going out, commercial and industrial activities, including casino facilities, can be partially resumed after satisfying the epidemic prevention requirements such as the same number of workers. The PCR test was carried out only for two days on July 30 and 31, but a quick antigen test was conducted every day, and the result reports were required, and about those who go out for priority and work. Is required to have a PCR test once a 더존카지노 day or once every two days. Priority targets are updated at any time, including specific occupations such as cleaning, building management, security, construction, living / active in the specific area of ​​the Macau Peninsula / Shimokan / Seki Lock / Yuhan area, etc. Like. Although there are days when positive people from the general city have zero, there is still no positive positive PCR test result, and there is a possibility that the propagation chain remains in the city. The government has been enhancing the local lock -down standards before and after the consequence period, and will see the intention to hurry the propagation chain.

Collection where small tricks shine

Hermes’ fall and winter exhibition was held. This season, there were many colorful and energetic items, and many light accessories were lined up. The editor of “GQ JAPAN” checked and picked up the hot items. ■ Card case “Shane Dancle” The ring of the collection is used. I am just a little Shane Dancle Lover. So, I found it. A zip -type card case with a single part of Shane Dancle attached as a strap. I am paralyzed by this elegant feeling. (Tokuaki Moriguchi, Creative Director) ■ Calusel “Is it broken?” Hermes’s new ring, “Calusel”, features a punk design like a broken one. The base is a standard shape similar to a classic signet ring, so even if you have such a personality, you do not choose a style unexpectedly. Moreover, if you look closely, it is personally tickled that the “Hermes” stamped part is cut. Pinky ring is fine or multiple use. And the reasonable price you see twice is also attractive. (Katsura Iwata, Senior Lifestyle Editor/Digital Editor) ■ Smartphone Case The next type of iPhone 14 series is the size shoulder bag -type smartphone case that has a shiny feel. The point is an Ota Clore -specific metal fittings that upgrade the shoulder bag that tends to look like a child, and the rigidity that can be easily independent is also attractive despite the thickness of about 1.5 cm thick. If you store a 5.4 -inch iPhone 13mini, a money -lip -type wallet, a Lamy roller ballpoint pen, and a business card, it will be used as a partner at the time of interview. The problem is on the shoulder or diagonal. With a card slot in the compartment. (Akira Kamiya, lifestyle editor) ■ A style with shearing sheepskin appears in the popular sandal “Shiri” with the design of Sheepre H. The sandals of mokomoko & fluffy materials 바카라사이트추천 that you will want to touch unintentionally will be able to coordinate various expressions depending on the color and material of the socks to match. If I wear it, I would like to enjoy a luxurious surf style by combining socks and shorts with a volume like loose socks. (Kentaro Takasugi, fashion editor)