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In 2021, Father Kim Dae -gun was designated as a UNESCO World Memorial figure. UNESCO is designating UNESCO to commemorate the historical figures and events that have been tried to communicate and understand the dialogue and understanding between the ideals of peace and culture, and in 2021, Father Kim Dae -gun, along with the 200th anniversary of the birth I became the main character. UNESCO said that Kim Dae -gun’s life and achievements were selected as a world commemorative figure in accordance with UNESCO’s ideology. It was selected as the year.

How was the life of Kim Dae -gun, a 25 -year -old young man who answered, “Yes, I am a Catholic?” Let’s go into his life, who loved the Catholics of Joseon, who studied theology once and became a priest and suffered.

1. Man Kim Dae -gun’s life

Kim Dae -gun was born on August 21, 1821 in Solmo, Dangjin -si, Chungcheongnam -do. Kim Dae -gun’s parents had early in their faith and lived in the community of believers, “Woo Village,” but they left their hometowns with surveillance and oppression of Catholicism and settled in Yongin Handeokgol. Kim Dae -gun was selected as a “seminary student,” who was a priest who was noticed by the imitation of the imitation who secretly entered Joseon at the age of 16, and was learning theology from the imitation bride from 1836 with Choi Yang -up and Choi Bang -je. However, when the Catholic persecution of the Joseon Dynasty became extreme, I went to Macau to be educated in a safer place. He left his parents and studied in an unfamiliar land, and his fellow theological student, Choi Bang -je, died of a fever, but Kim Dae -gun did not give up and passionately studied theology. While studying so, Kim Dae -gun was recognized as a reliable and faithful person to foreign missionaries and received the subtitle ordination, the first stage of becoming a clergyman in 1844. As the first clergyman of the Koreans, he thought that he should go back to his homeland and mission. Kim Dae -gun, who entered Joseon, prepared a house to cultivate teachers who could teach doctrine in Seokjeong -dong, Seoul, and made a map called “Chosun War” to work for safe entry to missionaries. Joseon evangelism is an important resource for informing Joseon to European countries. Kim Dae -gun also wrote a report on Chosun Martyrs and Martyrs to inform the martyrs’ actions, which helped to study martyrs later.

Three months after entering Joseon, Kim Dae -gun left for Shanghai again and was recognized for his work in Chosun and received a priest order in August 1845. It is the moment when the first priest of Korean Catholicism was born. As the road that was previously entered, Father Kim Dae -gun attempted to enter Chosun for the second time with French missionaries and clergy. In the middle, he meets a storm and goes to Jeju Island, not his original destination, but in three months, he arrives at a school village called Navai near the hard line. Kim Dae -gun, who arrived in Joseon, reiterated his mission and continued to explore another path of entry for the safe entry of French missionaries. However, Kim Dae -gun was arrested while looking for a ship to trade with foreign merchants and was imprisoned by Haeju Haeju. Kim Dae -gun kept his faith without surrendering to Mooncho, appeasement, and torture. Recommend recommendations. In the mediation, Kim Dae -gun, the best brother of Gunmun Hyo -hyo, was given to Kim Dae -gun, but he accepted his destiny calmly without fear of death or abandoning his faith. In the end, Kim Dae -gun died in September 1849 as a military hyo -hyo. He was only 25 years old.

2. Life, the wind of equality blowing in Joseon

At the age of 25, it would not have been easy to be a priest and care for the believers of Joseon. He ran away from the persecution of the mediation and walked around Chosun while caring for his classmates even when he could not rest comfortably. Kim Dae -gun has been equally embraced and treated with love following the teachings of Jesus Christ to love each other, and brought a new wind to Confucianism. The wind was the wind of equality. Kim Dae -gun also lived in Confucianism and Confucianism -based Joseon society, but he suggested equality that he 카지노사이트 could be equal without the difference between the Yangban and the people under the Catholic Lord. This can be seen in a letter he wrote in prison, and he used the word classmates. He no longer distinguished people with his ability and status, and he was a friend who believes in the Catholic. A friend does not tear or hate each other. I love each other and love each other. Father Kim Dae -gun’s message that everyone under the Catholic is equal and friend, and so to save and love each other, impressed and resonate at that time, and his message became the driving force for Catholicism to live in Joseon, even though it was five persecution. . Father Kim’s beliefs were not surrendered under persecution and torture, and they could take care of and love all the classmates of Joseon at the age of 25.

Kim Dae -gun did not settle in front of the times and reality, and actively learned and practiced the new ideas of Catholicism, giving Joseon a new wind of equality and love. His life is now injecting new winds in us. The message of love and peace of Kim Dae -gun, which is sick due to conflict between generations, can be a great model for us. The 25 -year -old young Kim Dae -gun now tells us. Do not be frustrated in front of the walls of times and reality, but live, and young people are only once, so do not live like that, but find what you can do and become light and salt in the world. Can we create a more peaceful and warmer world through the lives of Father Kim Dae -gun and the love that melts in it? When trying to live the life of Father Kim Dae -gun, Kim Dae -gun, who planted the spirit of equality and love in the reality of Joseon, will plant its value in the 21st century. We hope that we can convey warm and peaceful messages like Father Kim Dae -gun in this cold world with Corona.

reference book

: 『St. Kim Dae -gun Knowing right』 Kim Jung -soo, Life Books, 2020

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